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I greatly encourage those who have a need to hedge, are interested in the topic, or simply need to get a firmer grasp of the subject matter, to read Hedging Demystified! The result will be a much better understanding of how the tools in hedging can mitigate risk and protect profit margins. I’ve recommended this book to my clients.

-Richard Larkin, President, Hedge Solutions, Inc.

The book’s a great source of information from a seasoned practitioner. Click here for full review.

-Henk-Jan van der Klis

Bishop provides an excellent overview of hedging, from basic understanding required to practical methods to manage risk in your business. Written in a way that is easily understood using simple examples.

-Michael, Amazon Verified Purchaser

I’ve witnessed Tim Bishop’s expertise and professionalism for years. As the partner in charge of auditing the company where he ran a mission-critical hedge program, I know he has the knowledge and skill to explain a complex topic like hedging in an understandable way. I read this book and it does just that.

-Marty White, Retired Audit Principal, Regional CPA firm

We had the benefit of Tim’s unique skills, perspective and financial advice for many years. In a phrase, ‘Tim has been there, done that.’ This is a comprehensive and useful book, one which will truly assist specialized financial managers as well as operators who face commodity price and supply risks.

-Bob Moore, Chairman and CEO, Dead River Company

I read Hedging Demystified and I thought it was great—so user friendly. It answers so many questions that a new face to hedging may not think to ask until it’s too late.

-Heather Bergeron, Managing Partner, Dixie Asset Management

Tim Bishop capitalizes on his expertise to provide an overview of hedging of commodity price risk in a straightforward manner that doesn’t require prior knowledge or a strong financial background. This book will be beneficial to both newcomers to the subject area as well as those wanting to broaden their understanding.

-Joe Smith, VP, an energy marketing and distribution company

The texts are laid out in a way that makes the relevant issues easy to understand and separate from one another in spite of dealing with an already complex topic. …I particularly enjoyed the chapter on basis, I thought the layout was excellent.

-Jordan Ness, Fuels Trader, Chemoil, a division of Glencore

Tim Bishop has managed to take a very difficult topic and make it understandable for all. I particularly like the numerous illustrations and the ability to “toggle” from chapter to chapter as key topics are revisited. I will be using this book as a key reference tool.

-Charlie Hahn, CFO, Dead River Company

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Note: This book was previously published as an e-book under the name Hedging Commodity Price Risk: A Small Business Perspective. In 2019, the content was published in print with an upgraded cover and its new title, Hedging Demystified.

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