Hedging Demystified audiobook cover

Hedging Demystified Illustrations

The following links connect audiobook listeners of Hedging Demystified to illustrations referenced in the book. (If you click that link to Amazon, I earn a modest commission on any purchases.)

Hedging Demystified audiobook cover

Illustration 3.1 Hedging Margin

Illustration 4.1 Gasoline Futures Curve

Illustration 7.1 Hedging Fixed-Price Sale

Illustration 7.2 Hedging Capped Sale with Futures

Illustration 7.3 Hedging Capped Sales with Options; Prices Increase

Illustration 7.4 Hedging Capped Sales with Options; Prices Decrease

Illustration 8.1 Hedging Consumable; Prices Increase

Illustration 8.2 Hedging Consumable; Prices Decrease

Illustration 8.3 Hedging Consumable; Why Settlement Matters

Illustration 8.4 Hedging Consumable; Swap Versus Option

Illustration 9.1 Hedging Inventory

Illustration 9.2 Wheat Futures Curve

Illustration 9.3 Making Money Hedging Inventory

Illustration 11.1 Hedging Currency

Illustration 12.1 Hedging Weather

Illustration 13.1 Hedging Consumable and Basis

Illustration 19.1 Hedge Accounting: To Qualify or Not?