Hedging Demystified audiobook cover

Hedging Demystified audiobook now available

With author Tim Bishop as narrator, Open Road Press has released Hedging Demystified in audiobook format.

The book contains practical, straightforward guidance on managing financial risk associated with fluctuating commodity prices, foreign currency exchange rates, interest rates, and weather. It lays out clear illustrations of how futures, options, and swaps work to curb risk. These illustrations are downloadable with the audiobook edition.

The book first came out in e-book format in 2014 when it was entitled Hedging Commodity Price Risk. When the print edition was released in 2019, the title was changed to Hedging Demystified: How to Balance Risk and Protect Profit.

You can find the audiobook version at Amazon/Audible (affiliate link), Barnes & Noble, Kobo/Walmart, and Libro, among other places.

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