About the author

Tim Bishop
With over thirty years of business experience, Tim Bishop has seen hedging from all angles. He designed, implemented, and executed a hedging program for a multimillion-dollar heating oil distributor. He devised hedging strategies, developed hedging partner relationships, initiated trades, and supervised the accounting for fourteen years. As company treasurer, he was responsible for not only cash management and reporting but also compliance with financial reporting standards, tax law, and debt covenants.

As one who regularly reported to both an outside board of directors and a management team, he understands the challenges of communicating complex information to a multidisciplinary group of professionals who do not live and breathe hedging concepts. He also served as a director of the company’s primary commodity storage facility, so he appreciates the operational considerations of managing risk. Add in Tim’s background as a tax accountant and a CPA, and you have someone fully qualified to speak the languages of all parties who touch commodity price risk management.

In addition to consulting for small businesses, Tim Bishop has co-authored two books with his wife, Debbie, about their midlife launch into both marriage and cross-country bicycle touring. Two Are Better: Midlife Newlyweds Bicycle Coast to Coast captures the story behind the story, while Bicycle Touring How-To: What We Learned shares their knowledge with bicycle touring wannabes. Tim and Debbie serve as volunteer hope coaches for TheHopeLine, a nonprofit organization that seeks to reach, rescue, and restore hurting teens and young adults. The couple blog at www.openroadpress.com.