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Hedging Commodity Price Risk Fact Sheet

Title: Hedging Commodity Price Risk: A Small Business Perspective

Author: Tim Bishop HedgingCommodityPriceRisk

Categories: Business/Commodities/Risk Management

Edition: First Edition ISBN: 978-0-9856248-0-4

Words: Approx. 44,000 Illustrations: 17 (e.g., spreadsheets)

eBook synopsis: A practical business ebook that introduces hedging tools designed to address commodity price risk. The ebook discusses the different types of risks that can be hedged as well as the risks that arise when one does hedge. Also includes an overview of how the financial markets that trade these hedging tools work.

eBook description: Hedging Commodity Price Risk: A Small Business Perspective explains:

– What commodity price risk is and how it can affect your business

– What hedging is and how it minimizes risk

– Specific hedging examples

– Hedging pitfalls and opportunities

– How to reduce exposure to rising interest rates

– How to protect against changes in foreign currency exchange rates

– How to hedge weather risk

Written with a small business slant, Hedging Commodity Price Risk is an essential guide to any business that deals with commodities.

Distinguishing characteristics: Written by a businessperson for a businessperson, in easy-to-understand language with clear illustrations. An entry-level ebook to simplify a complex topic. Professionally edited complete with fully linked index, glossary, and helpful webpages.

Cover image:

Foreword by: Joe Smith, VP of an energy marketing and distribution company Price: $9.99 US

Publication Date: 9/15/2014 Publisher: Open Road Press

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