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Announcing the Release of Hedging Commodity Price Risk

HedgingCommodityPriceRiskOpen Road Press is pleased to announce the release of Hedging Commodity Price RIsk: A Small Business Perspective by Tim Bishop. This ebook will help small businesses that can’t afford to hire staff specifically to manage their commodity price risk. It will also serve as a helpful guide to others who have an interest in hedging.

Hedging Commodity Price Risk explains:
– What commodity price risk is and how it can affect your business
– What hedging is and how it minimizes risk
– Specific hedging examples
– Hedging pitfalls and opportunities
– How to reduce exposure to rising interest rates
– How to protect against changes in foreign currency exchange rates
– How to hedge weather risk

For more on the author’s credentials, check out About the author. To read testimonials about the book, click here.

For full details on the book’s release, read this news release. To pick up a copy of Hedging Commodity Price RIsk, go to the Open Road Press store.

Thank you to the many colleagues, family, and friends who helped make this possible.

Coming soon!

Hedging Commodity Price RiskAre you having trouble sleeping at night worrying about how commodity costs will affect your business? Would you like to offer your customers price protection but you don’t know how to manage the risk? Or, are you just tired of watching your annual earnings bounce with the whims of commodity prices?

Hedging Commodity Price Risk: A Small Business Perspective by Tim Bishop is an ebook that explains hedging in plain, easy-to-understand language with practical examples. It’s coming soon to an ebookseller near you! Expected publication date in the summer of 2014.


UPDATE: Hedging Commodity Price Risk was published in September of 2014. You can purchase it in the Open Road Press store.